Hello world!

Yes, ‘hello world’. This is really my first post… again ^^’ There isn’t many things here to see for now.

It’s a long story… Last few weeks I accidentally crashed my entire server when trying to upgrade server to the latest Long Term Support. Since then many issues started to show up. I spent many hours trying to fix some broken packages. Switching over to Nextcloud from unstable, broken Owncloud. Resolving incompatible issue between php5 vs php7. Then issue with apache virtual host conflicts, ssl, letsencrypt certificates, then turned out I need to re-config cloudflare as well. And last but not least I did something silly that causes mysql server broken… all database was gone without backup… then I almost had to setup/reinstall everything again… ^^’ It’s a big nightmare, spending many hours in frustration. I finally putting everything in place, but the cost is to rebuild all sites from scratch. That’s ok, there wasn’t much thing I posted in the past anyway. So let make a fresh start from here 😉


P.S. It was a great experience anyhow and I learnt new things. I may make some how-to tutorials later on 😎