Hi, I’m Jonny!

I created this page to put together all my work. This site is also served as the homepage of some apps I have published to app store. I occasionally write something about life, technology, interest, or thing that matters.

I just don’t want this place is all about me, that would suck. I’m putting it out there on the interwebs, rather than my own personal keeper, because I want to work with you.

So, let’s talk. Let make connections.


Hello world!

Yes, ‘hello world’. This is really my first post… again ^^’ There isn’t many things here to see for now. It’s a long story… Last few weeks I accidentally crashed my entire server when trying to upgrade server to the latest Long Term Support. Since then many issues started to show up. I spent many hours trying to fix …


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments. Also, you could always just send me a friendly hello. Let’s chat!